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Testing & Diagnostic Services

Testing & Diagnostic Services are offered by the Agricultural & Environmental Services Laboratories.

  • Soil testing can be done to help you develop and maintain a more productive soil by providing information on nutrient levels and soil pH. The basic soil test, our most popular test checks for pH/Lime Requirement, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Manganese. We offer a myriad of soil tests. For additional soil testing options, contact our office.

          For information on how to obtain a proper soil sample, please click here.

  • Water samples can also be tested for a variety of purposes. The basic water test checks for pH, water hardness, and the presence of 16 minerals.

          For more information on water testing, download the water testing leaflet.

  • Plant samples often need to be screened for insect damage, the presence of disease, or general identification. Basic plant diagnosis is an in-office service we offer free of charge. We will meet with you, look over your sample, and offer a recommendation for control or improvement.

          You can view the Plant Analysis Handbook here.

The Interactive Fee Schedule can be found here.

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