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Our office is open to the public.   If you need an appointment during lunch hours you contact us at 770.307.3029 and we will be glad to schedule that meeting with you!

The Barrow County Cooperative Extension Office extends lifelong learning to Georgia citizens through unbiased, research-based education.

Some of our most popular services include:

  • Soil and Water Tests
  • Soil Test Instructions:  
  •  1. Determine the area that you want to sample(1 sample should represent no more than 15 acres)
  • 2. Use a sandwich size zip top bag and small spade shovel  or trowel to take a thin vertical slice or core of soil from 10-20 different places in the area to be tested. Mix the sample in the bag thoroughly.
  • 3. Bring collected sample to the Barrow County Extension office located at : 90 Lanthier St, Winder GA 30680.
  • 4. Upon arrival at the office we will transfer the sample to the official soil bag and collect your information.
  • 5. Payment for soil processing and postage will be collected at our office.  Cost is $10 per sample and is payable by cash or check.
  • 6. Soil Sample results will be emailed to you within 7-10 business days. 
  • If you decide to send multiple tests, mark each bag with the area it was taken from. 
  • You will also need to know what you will be planting in the area that you're taking the sample from. Examples can include: vegetable garden, bermuda grass, flowering annuals, fescue grass.... etc.
  • Sample problem Areas separately.
  • If you have more questions about soil samples, please contact our office at : 770-307-3029
Water Testing:
  • Public and municipal water supplies are routinely tested and must meet standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Therefore, these sources usually do not need to be tested unless in-house contamination is suspected. However, only you are responsible for the safety of your well water.
  • When you pour yourself a glass of water to drink, it may appear clean, taste good, and you may expect it to be safe. However, many sources of water we assume are safe may contain dissolved minerals, organic compounds or even live organisms at harmful concentrations. Contaminated water used for drinking and cooking may affect your health. Also, high concentrations of certain minerals in your water can result in quality issues such as unpleasant taste and odors or staining of bathroom fixtures and/or laundry.
  • Water test sampling containers and instructions can be obtained through our office. Collected water samples will be delivered to the UGA Soil and Water Lab some samples require processing within 24 hours of being collected, results of those samples will be emailed to you within 7-10 business days. Call our office for details on water testing and what your options are.

Well Water Testing
It is suggested that you test your well water annually, typically in the Spring. The recommendation for routine well water tests are:

Year 1 (initially) – A W2 (Georgia Expanded Water Test) and a W35 (Total Coliform / E. coli test)
Year 2 – W1 (Basic Water Test) and W35 (Bacterial)
Year 3 – W1 (Basic Water Test) and W35 (Bacterial)
Year 4 – Repeat cycle with A W2 (Expanded Water Test) and a W35 (Total Coliform / E. coli test)
This rotation will provide information that will assist in knowing what the water quality of your well water is and will allow you and your Extension Agent to see any trends that maybe occurring over time. However, as mentioned above, if you notice anything out of the ordinary with the well water, contact your UGA Extension Agent to determine what might be the best tests to run to assist in finding a cause and solution.

The water samples collected and processed by the UGA Extension Agents, are sent to the UGA CAES Agricultural and Environmental Services Lab in Athens, Georgia.

Homes with wells will usually require a water test prior to closing. These test can take 7-10 business days to process so please plan accordingly. Some lenders only require a test to confirm that the water is potable/ drinkable, but some require a test for the presence of bacteria.

Steps to determine which water sample you require:
1. ASK the lender. Your lender will let you know which test you need.

For basic water test to prove water is potable/ drinkable: you can have a W1(basic water test) or W2(expanded water test) completed on your well water. W1 test will cover: PH & Hardness Aluminum Iron Nickel Phosphorus Boron Magnesium Manganese Silica Potassium Chromium Sodium Calcium Copper Molybdenum & Zinc
W2 covers: (all of the above) & will test Anions, soluble salts & Alkalinity
Expanded Water Testing
A W1 water test is $25 & a W2 water test is $65

Home Loan Closing test will cover a basic water test as well as a bacteria test. This test must be delivered by the customer to the UGA water lab within 24 hours of taking the sample. (The sooner the better) Samples need to be collected specifically and  may need a 3rd party to collect for you. You will need to obtain the proper collection bottles from our office then, fill in the form & follow the instructions at this link: Home Loan Closing Test Form & Instructions
A home loan Closing Test is $85 paid at the water lab when you drop off your sample.

Collection bottles for all tests can be obtained at no charge from our office located at 90 Lanthier Street, Winder GA 30680

For more information about water testing click this link: Testing your well water

If you have any further questions about well water testing please contact our office at : 770-307-3029 or email Barrow County Extension.


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