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Financial Planning & Literacy


When people become educated about financial management, they become empowered to live a better life. Extension's basic financial literacy programs are designed to help consumers plan spending to meet needs, wants and goals today and in the future.

Understanding Credit

Extension also offers programs to help consumers improve credit scores, get out of debt, and rebuild credit after bankruptcy. Preventive education helps consumers use credit wisely and avoid problems before they start.

Planning, Saving, and Investing

We provide resources to help people understand wealth accumulation, protection, and distribution, including estate planning, insurance, and investing.


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UGA Extension offers training within local communities on a wide array of topics. To see if there are training events in your area, please visit our calendar.

  • Bankruptcy Education Classes
    UGA Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Agents are approved providers of educational programs mandated by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.
  • Financial Literacy for High School Students
    A two-day workshop providing the knowledge, materials and lesson plans necessary to help students learn about rational decision making, banks and financial institutions, credit reporting, insurance and more.