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Cloverleaf Project Achievement

Webster County 4-H Brings home the Gold, Silver, and Bronze! 

Cloverleaf DPA Jitters
4th in Ag Awareness
2nd in Crafts
1st in General Recreation
2nd in Rabbits
2nd in Outdoor Recreation
After Cloverleaf DPA Pictures
2nd in Wildlife
1st in Geology

Awards brought home by our 4-H'ers

  • 1st in the Geology project, talking about the Four Layers of the Earth.
  • 4th in the Agriculture Awareness project and talked about tractor safety.
  • 2nd in the Rabbits project, discussing the European Rabbit.
  • 2nd in the Wildlife project, talking about Bald Eagles.
  • 2nd in the Crafts project and talked about how to make homemade doll clothes.
  • 2nd in the Outdoor Recreation project, talking about Outdoor Cooking.
  • 1st in the General Recreation project with her speech on Porcelain Dolls.

4-H Project Achievement is a cornerstone in the Georgia 4-H Program. From the first Boys' Corn Club sharing their crop to today's presentations and portfolios on hundreds of topics, Project Achievement serves to showcase 4-H'ers work and success.

If you or your 4th - 6th grader are interested in doing a project during the 2017 - 2018 school year, please contact us. The next Cloverleaf Project Achievement will be held in March 2018.

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