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Feb 11 Journeyman Farmer Class 1: Small Farm Business Planning Jeffersonville, GA Topics Covered include:Lessons from Small Farm Success; Considerations Before Starting, Market Feasibility, Financial Feasibility, Record Keeping Agenda, The Business Plan, Developing Financial Projections, The Farmers’ Perspective, Selling Your Product, Licensing, Regulations, and Certifications, Risk Management; Financial Resources and Obtaining Credit
Feb 12 Journeyman Farmer Class 2: A Systems Approach, Soil Health, and Fertility Jeffersonville, GA Topics include a systems approach to farming, soil fertility, and soil health
Feb 14 Journeyman Farmer Class 3: Soil Amendments, Cover Crops, Groundcovers for Small Fruits Jeffersonville, GA Topics include Soil Amendments, Cover Crops, Groundcovers for Small Fruits
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Journeyman Farmer Program: Small Fruit & Vegetable Production