UGA Extension Office


What is UGA Extension?

A partnership of The University of Georgia, the U. S. Department of Agriculture and counties of the state cooperating. UGA Extension is on the forefront of food safety, technology, research, and education; keeping Georgia’s economy strong and making life better for Georgians.


To extend lifelong learning from The University of Georgia to the everyday lives of Georgians through current, research-based education in agriculture, the environment, communities, youth and families.

Extension News
  • Hot and Humid link Normal summertime temperatures returned, but it was too hot to notice. By Pam Knox | Published: 8/8/2018
  • Energy Efficiency link Georgia poultry producers should be mindful that solar panels are not cost-effective for everyone. By Kyle Dawson | Published: 11/17/2016
  • Kudzu Bug link Tiny wasp is saving soybean farmers time and money. By Julie Jernigan | Published: 6/28/2018
  • Outdoor Safety link Once lost in the woods himself, UGA forestry professor spreads the word about outdoor safety. By Sandi Martin | Published: 7/2/2018
  • Peach Crop link Increased chill hours are a big reason Georgia is having a better year with its peaches. By Clint Thompson | Published: 6/20/2018
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