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We have good news! Spring planting season is coming up soon, and (just in time) you have the opportunity to become a well-prepared UGA Master Gardener. We have received notice that UGA has finally developed an ONLINE Master Gardener training class. The classes will consist of all the same information and training previously taught in person but are now presented in the comfort of your home -- with the exception of four hands-on labs taught safely at one of three Extension offices. For those, UGA has implemented very strict rules for in-person training, so that your health and safety ARE NOT at risk.

Information concerning details about the class is contained in the application forms (also available on our Facebook page). The teaching of the class is being sponsored by Cherokee County Master Gardeners under the guidance of Josh Fuder, their Extension Agent. However, since you will become Pickens County Master Gardeners, your forms and payment will be funneled through us to UGA. Please note that the APPLICATION DEADLINE IS January 29th in the Pickens County Extension office.

We are excited to have this new online opportunity to educate and train more Master Gardeners! Gardening is so much more fun - and successful - for those who are knowledgeable. And, as a Master Gardener Volunteer, you will have the opportunity to use and pass on that knowledge to others to make them more successful, too. We look forward to having you join us in the ranks of Pickens County Master Gardeners. Please contact us soon! The deadline is only a few weeks away.



Due to COVID-19, the schedule for the Master Gardener Workshops have been cancelled until further notice. Enjoy our virtual workshops in the meantime.

Below our Master Gardener President Dee Boggus, demonstrates how to prune and dead head flowers in a raised garden bed.