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Special Interest Clubs

Project S.A.F.E- Archery

The 4-H Archery Team is open to children in grades 5th-12th grade. Being a member of the Archery team, you will learn the fundamentals of safety and how to properly shoot a bow and arrow. Competitions are held on the county, state, and national level.

Contact Mr. David Smith or the Brantley County Extension Office @ 912-462-5724 for more information.

Big thanks to Mr. David for being our Volunteer Leader to make Archery a possibility!


SAFE: Shooting Awareness Fun And Education

GA 4-H’s primary goal is positive youth development. We accomplish this through numerous learning opportunities led by University of Georgia Cooperative Extension professionals or trained volunteers.

GA 4-H Project SAFE is an extremely popular 4-H program that teaches valuable like skills through participation in team target sports.

Safety is our highest priority. Volunteers who work with youth in Project SAFE must become certified coaches. Certification involves passing background screening and attending a weekend training. The training covers the mission of GA 4-H, youth development, safety, risk management, specialized training in the sport and overall program management. Coaches must continue to pass risk management training each year.

Project SAFE provides youth a place where they can develop a sense of belonging, learn teamwork in a safe environment and increase concentration skills.

Project SAFE like all 4-H Clubs provide youth with positive interactions with supportive adults which is so important in their development.

Project SAFE 4-H Clubs take place in over 110 Georgia Counties.