Research Bulletin 440

Dmitry Vedenov, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Texas A&M
Gene Pesti, Department of Poultry Science, University of Georgia

The NRM.xlsm program is an Excel workbook that you can use to fit data from nutritional experiments to several models. The models may be used to estimate nutritional requirements or the most economical feeding levels of critical nutrients. It requires Microsoft Excel (with enabled macros) and some data in the form of ordered pairs.

Instructions are included in the PowerPoint presentation and on each spreadsheet of the Excel workbook.

References are included on the Instructions and References page of the workbook.

Download NRM 1.4.xlsm — the Excel Workbook

Download Using NRM 1.0.ppt — the PowerPoint Instructions


Status and Revision History
Published on Feb 15, 2011
Published with Minor Revisions on Mar 09, 2016

Gene M. Pesti Professor Emeritus, Poultry Science Dmitry V Vedenov Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics
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