This publication represents the latest information available on the commercial production of short-day onions in south Georgia.

Status and Revision History
Published on Jul 01, 2001
Unpublished/Removed on May 15, 2009
Published with Minor Revisions on Jun 21, 2017

George E. Boyhan Professor; Areas of Interest: Vegetables, Horticulture Stanley Culpepper Professor - Extension Weed Scientist, Crop & Soil Sciences Esendugue Greg Fonsah Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics Alton N Sparks Professor, Entomology Tim Coolong Associate Professor; Areas of Interest: Vegetables, Horticulture Bhabesh Dutta Assistant Professor and Extension Vegetable Disease Specialist, Plant Pathology David G Riley Professor, Entomology William C. Hurst Professor & Extension Outreach Coordinator, Food Science & Technology
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