It is widely accepted that storing farm equipment under a shelter is better than storing it outside and that hay stored in a barn is better than hay stored in the field. But how can we determine just how much a farm storage building is worth? The answer is different for every individual operation, but there are some guidelines that will help you make an intelligent decision about whether or not you can afford a building (or afford not to have one).The following is a discussion of the costs and benefits of owning a building, along with some example calculations. In each example, you are given the opportunity to substitute your figures, which might more accurately reflect your local markets and conditions.

Status and Revision History
Published on Mar 01, 1999
In Review for Major Revisions on Feb 19, 2009
Published on Apr 21, 2009
Published with Full Review on Mar 01, 2012
Published with Minor Revisions on Apr 18, 2017

Levi A Russell Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics John W. Worley Professor Emeritus, Poultry Science
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