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Southeastern Peach, Nectarine and Plum Pest Management and Culture Guide (B 1171)

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This guide covers multiple states and production areas. Pest problems vary across the Southeast. Pesticide rates are a guideline. Exceptions are noted for specific locations and pests, but this guide does not list every exception. Listed pesticides may not be registered for the uses recommended here in all states.

This guide is to be used only by commercial growers. Observe all label precautions and recommendations. Brand names of pesticides are given in the spray schedule as a convenience to the grower. They are neither an endorsement of the product nor a suggestion that other products with the same active ingredient are not effective.

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Status and Revision History
Published on Mar 16, 2011
Re-published with minor revisions on Mar 21, 2012
Re-published with major revisions on Apr 16, 2015