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Georgia is fortunate to have abundant wildlife. Birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects provide beauty and interest for those who take time to notice, and also are a source of recreation for many Georgians. Managing wildlife can be a challenge for experts and for homeowners. This is particularly true as population centers continue to expand and displace animals' native habitats. This page provides tips and information about coexisting peacefully with, protecting, and managing wildlife, wherever it is found.


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UGA-affiliated sites

  • Georgia Wild Pigs
    A resource to educate about the biology and natural history, issues, and management techniques of wild pigs.
  • Impact Statements: Wildlife
    Descriptions of Extension efforts to improve knowledge & practices related to wildlife.
  • Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study
    Fifteen states and the federal government cooperate to monitor and advise on wildlife diseases affecting domestic livestock and poultry. The cooperative accepts and diagnoses submitted wildlife, administers a graduate study program in conjunction with UGA and extern program for veterinary students and provides wildlife distribution maps, a quarterly newsletter and links to federal and state agriculture,wildlife and health agencies.
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External sites

  • Fishes of Georgia
    Companion of Georgia Wildlife Web focusing on fish.
  • Georgia Wildlife Resources Division
    Offers resources for hunters, fishers and boaters including education, certification, and regulatory information. Also addresses conservations issues and provides news updates and a calendar of events.
  • Georgia Wildlife Web
    Provides identification information, including photo, description, range and conservation status, for wildlife in Georgia. Summarizes the state's natural regions.