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What is 4-H?

What is Walker County 4-H?

  • 4-H'ers in grades 4-6 are referred to as Cloverleafs.
  • 4-H'ers in grades 7-8 are referred to as Juniors.
  • 4-H'ers in grades 9-12 are referred to as Seniors.


Youth in grades 4-12 may enroll as members in a club and choose projects that interest them. Walker County 4-H regularly conducts in-school meetings for all 5th grade classes in public schools, after-school meetings, community club meetings for children in 4-12 grades that do not have in-school meetings.

These youth develop many workforce skills while working on their projects, including leadership, decision-making, record keeping, public speaking, and teamwork. 4-H members meet with their clubs and may also have separate project meetings to discuss information specific to the project(s) they have chosen.

The newsletter of the Walker County 4-H program is 4-H Focus. The 4-H Focus is published once per month September-November, January-March. This newsletter contains pertinent information for our members, leaders, and parents and serves as the primary means of communication regarding 4-H activities and events.


4-H Terms

4-H Colors: The 4-H colors are green and white. Green represents life, springtime, and youth. The white symbolizes purity.

4-H Pledge: Written by Otis Hall, the 4-H Pledge is as follows.

I Pledge:
My Head to clearer thinking,
My Heart to greater loyalty,
My Hands to larger service, and
My Health to better living for My Club,
My Community, My Country and My World.

4-H Slogan: The 4-H slogan is “Learn by Doing”. This slogan is a constant incentive to motivate 4-H'ers to strive toward acquiring new skills and knowledge.

4-H Motto: The 4-H motto is “To Make the Best Better”. This motto helps to encourage 4-H'ers not to settle for the present but to always strive to make things better.

4-H Symbol: The 4-H symbol is a green 4 leaf clover with a white H on each leaf representing head, heart, health and hand.