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UGA Cooperative Extension is a statewide educational organization funded by federal, state and local governments that brings research-based education directly to individuals, families and communities.

UGA Extension is dedicated to helping people find answers to questions related to agriculture and the environment, families & 4-H Youth Development.

Upcoming Events
  • Feb 26 Marketing Your Beef Locally - Finishing Beef on Grass and Forage A growing demand for "grass finished" beef has been documented. It's particularly characteristic of consumers most interested in "local food." What does it take to produce a reliable meat product without feeding any grain? Erin Forte, ANR Agent, Macon County, will describe the characteristics of various forages and how they can be best utilized to meet the challenge of finishing beef on grass and forage. Calhoun, GA - (61.0 Miles)
  • Mar 5 Nutrition Class Learn how to eat healthy without spending a lot of money, the importance of having a grocery list, what it means to eat healthy foods, portion control to prevent weight gain, and more. Ellijay, GA - (33.0 Miles)
  • Mar 5 Money/Budget Class Learn how to stretch your food dollars, how and where you can save money, the importance of paying bills on time, how to keep track of your spending, and more. Ellijay, GA - (33.0 Miles)
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