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September 5, 2017

-        Peanut Maturity Clinics and field Conditions

-        Turner County Forage Production Meeting

-        Turner County Cotton---Need to know

Peanut Maturity Clinics and Field Conditions

               Please be reminded that I am checking peanut maturity at the extension office from 8-11 (preferably) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am currently filling in for the Wilcox County office and will be scraping peanuts for them on Thursday mornings. Call for an appointment any other time. I would like to take a moment to discuss field conditions and what I am seeing thus far. The majority of the samples I have checked will be mature past 140 days. Peanuts planted on April 18 will be 140 days old today. These peanuts are sitting at 2300 growing degrees. Peak maturity is around 2400 growing degree days. Several dryland samples have shown poor stem strength and that has to be taken into consideration when deciding when to dig. Whenever you bring peanuts to check maturity, always bring a good sample of vines so that we can check them also. Finally, keep track of the Category 5 hurricane, Irma. This could very well affect harvest plans.

By the way, if any of you have trouble counting days on peanut maturity, you might want to look at a cellphone app that can do it for you. I googled “days between dates” and found several available apps.

Turner County Forage Production Meeting

               UGA Forage Specialist, Dennis Hancock will be the speaker this Thursday, September 7, at the Turner County Forage Production Meeting. The meeting will be held at 12:00 noon at the Turner County Civic Center. Lunch will be provided. Please call the office at 229-567-3448 to RSVP. Dr. Hancock will be discussing multiple issues with us such as bermudagrass stem maggot and fall establishment of forages. This is a great opportunity I hope that you can take advantage of it.

Turner County Cotton---Need to Know

There are a few things you need to know during the harvest season of 2017 when it comes to your cotton crop.

1. Whitefly pressure will steadily increase until the crop: A) is harvested B) is defoliated and/or ruined by

    whiteflies C) receives freezing temperatures occur that kill populations.

2. Late planted cotton and hairy leaf cotton are at increased risk for whitefly infestations.

3. It will be very important to defoliate at 60% open boll and not waste time at harvest.

4. Yes, Knack/Courier works.

5. A category 5 hurricane is headed in our vicinity in several days. Since there is not enough time to defoliate now and get it out of the field, it may be best to leave the leaves on to reduce lint loss during possible storms.


To Purchase Private Pesticide Training and Obtain a License

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Soil Testing

Soil Samples now priced $6.00 per bag. Please make checks payable to UGA Soil Lab.Testing usually takes 7-10 days before results are issued.

To learn how to do a Soil Test .

Water Testing

For specific instruction, please contact our office at (229) 567-3448.


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