UGA Extension Office

Our Impact

Making A Difference in Our County

We're working hard for the citizens we serve. Here are some examples of successful projects from the past year:


The Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) faculty and staff of Terrell County Extension are a unified team consisting of an agent from UGA Extension and an agent from Ft. Valley State University Extension. Together, they seek to educate the public, assist farmers in efficiently using resources to create sustainable agriculture, and help farmers reach maximum return on investment. This year, 325 soil samples were processed to assist farmers and homeowners in determining nutrient requirements for crops and lawn care. Peanuts continue to be a major crop in Terrell County, and the Terrell County ANR agents help farmers pinpoint the optimum time at which to harvest peanuts. In 2016, Terrell County Extension ran over 100 samples of peanuts, saving farmers thousands of dollars on grade and quality thanks to timely harvests. Educational seminars presented by specialists in the fields of cotton and peanut production, weed management, ruminant flock management and cattle herd management were hosted by Terrell County Extension ANR faculty and staff, providing local producers with information on the most current trends and practices.


The focus of programming for Terrell County 4-H has been on healthy living and on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). About 250 Terrell County fourth- and fifth- grade students were evaluated on their nutrition lessons from spring 2016, which showed a positive change in their knowledge and beliefs about making healthy food choices. The monthly after-school Cooking Club meetings featured a new recipe each time, a lesson on the nutrition of that recipe, and new kitchen skills. Members of 4-H in grades four through 12 participated in the Pedometer Project created by the Terrell County 4-H agent. Through this project, 4-H’ers learned that participation in many of the after-school and summer 4-H activities could help them meet the daily recommended number of steps for better health. The Terrell County 4-H Archery Team continues to provide another fun way for youth to learn teamwork while being physically active. Two students from Terrell County High School participated in STEM ambassador training during the summer of 2016 and have been providing science-based programming, like the Squash Derby, an engineering design activity in which youth build a vehicle out of fruit and vegetables, to their peers. During the month of October, Terrell County 4-H partnered with the schools and the Dawson airport to provide lessons on the science of flight as a part of National Youth Science Day. Nearly 400 fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade 4-H’ers learned about bees and beekeeping from a Terrell County home-schooled 4-H’er in November. Several Terrell County 4-H’ers gained firsthand knowledge about animal husbandry and livestock maintenance as they participated in the market hog program throughout the year. Summer camp and Project Achievement continue to be popular ways for 4-H’ers to develop leadership skills.


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