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Project Achievement

Cloverleaf Project Achievement

This competition is for 5th and 6th grade students. Students choose a topic from the project list and present an illustrated demonstration (speech). Speeches should be 4 to 6 minutes in length and use posters or other visuals to emphasize key points. Please note exception to speech (Performing Arts, food labs, creative stitchery) listed on the Cloverleaf Project list.
Colquitt County 4-H host this competitive event each year at Williams Middle School in mid-November.


Junior Project Achievement

Project Achievement for junior (7th and 8th grade) 4-H'ers is a two part competition - portfolio and speech. A portfolio is a 2 page document listing the activities in which the student has participated within the calendar year. The portfolio is worth 40% of the student's score. Students also present a 7-9 minute illustration demonstration about a topic of interest to them. (Exceptions - performing arts projects, food labs, and fashion review.) Demonstration value is 60% of total score.
Portfolios must be submitted to the 4-H office by the announced December due date each year. Students will then present their demonstrations at District Project Achievement at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in February
Students will find the following information helpful to prepare for project achievement:

4-Her DPA

Colquitt 4-H’ers Receive District Recognition

Congratulations to seventeen Colquitt County 4-Her's for their hard work, dedication, and participation in this year’s Southwest District Project Achievement held at Rock Eagle 4-H Center recently. 4-H'ers participating in Project Achievement investigate a topic, then over the course of a year they develop a portfolio which consists of the works they have done and finally they prepare a presentation. This also includes fine arts performances and step-by-step food product preparation. These presentations are given at a competitive event which includes 4-H'ers from the 41 Southwest District surrounding counties. Colquitt County 4-H takes great pride in the 4-H’ers who participated in this event.

Front Row: Armando Barajas – 1st place Dairy Foods, Mikayla Allen –2nd place Workforce Preparation and Career Development, Jaylin Skeen—4th place Performing Arts-Vocal, Jenni Anaya – 4th place Safety, Landen Wiggins – 1st place Sports Individual, Bill Mitchell – 4th place Beef, Adrienne Johnston – Performing Arts Vocal, Carter Thompson – 1st place Plant & Soil Science. Carter, son of Jamie & Wendy Thompson, was elected by his 4-H peers to serve the upcoming year on the Southwest District Junior Board of Directors.


Second Row: Jacey Williams – 3rd place General Recreation, Jaylee Williams – 2nd place Food Fare, Anthony Edmonds – 4th place Public Speaking, Kathryn Maxwell – 2nd place Dairy Foods, JoJo Johnson – 2nd place Health, Peyton Price – 2nd place Performing Arts Vocal, Camden Wiggins – Food Safety & Preservation, Libba Johnson, Teen Leader, Bobby Mitchell – 3rd place Engineering & Mechanics.

sr dpa


Pictured: Libba Johnson and Bill Mitchell

Several Colquitt County 4-H’ers received special recognition while at Rock Eagle.   Graduating 4-H’er Libba Johnson mastered in her project in July and attended National 4-H Congress was recognized for participating in Project Achievement each year since 5th grade. She and graduating 4-H’er Bill Mitchell received their 4-H graduate cords.