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Making A Difference in Our County

We're working hard for the citizens we serve. Here are some examples of successful projects from the past year:


Peanut maturity is a vital part of peanut production. Premiums are paid and deductions taken from the peanut base price on the basis of peanut maturity. The Clay County Agriculture and Natural Resources agent held peanut maturity clinics every morning from Aug. 20 through the month of October. Over 150 peanut samples were tested from Clay County for optimum maturity and digging date. The farmer pulls a 200-pod sample representing a single field and brings it to the Extension office, where the agent then “blasts” the sample with a pressure washer to reveal the inner hull color. When a peanut matures, the inner hull changes color from white (immature) to black (full maturity). This inner hull color is then used to determine peanut maturity by placing the hull on a profile board according to color. Producers have learned that this is a great tool to help them determine when to terminate the crop. If producers decide to dig too early, a projected loss of 30 percent yield across the county’s 6,500 acres of peanuts equates to a loss of nearly 3,900 tons. That represents an estimated value of $1,560,000 million countywide, or about $240 per acre, lost.


Here in Clay County, we have started a tradition of getting the community involved in 4-H during the National 4-H Week. Last year, for the first time, the Clay County 4-H’ers celebrated 4-H Week with a block party from 4 to 6 p.m. As the saga continues this year, the event went from 50 participants to more than 75 participants. The 4-H’ers passed out flyers, helped to set up roadblocks, and prepared and served the food. Donations were given by the community to sponsor this event. Clay County 4-H’ers invited their parents, teachers and friends to the celebration. Some of our civic leaders were also involved, including Mayor Kenyon, Chief Starling and Superintendent Grimsley. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension is working hard for its constituents. The following are examples of our impact in the county over the past year.2016

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