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In Georgia, homegrown potatoes can provide fresh produce from the first part of July until the following spring. This publication contains advice for producing a high-yielding potato crop in the home garden as well as a commodity that will store well for future use.

Potatoes are diverse in appearance, maturity and use, and are an excellent source of nutrition. In fact, potatoes have fewer calories and more nutrients than rice, pasta or bread. Potatoes can be boiled, baked and fried. Red- and white-skinned varieties are often preferred for boiling because they have a creamy texture and hold their shape when cooked. This texture is due to low starch content, often called low specific gravity. In contrast, russet-skinned varieties may have high specific gravity, giving them a more granular or mealy texture, suitable for baking or frying.

With the skins left on, red varieties offer the consumer an aesthetically pleasing color contrast to meat and other vegetables, multiple uses and unique texture. Several red varieties are available in garden supply stores and seed catalogs.

Many white-skinned varieties are also multipurpose. Those with high specific gravity and low sugar content can be processed into potato chips.

Russet varieties, characterized by their often heavy, dark-brown netted skin, are great for baking and fries. However, the russets do not grow very well in most areas of Georgia.

Consider exotic potato cultivars, such as those with yellow or even purple skins and flesh, for some of your garden production. They add color and versatility to meal planning.


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