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UGA Food Science and Technology Extension offers a lot of services to in-state and out of state clients. We are introducing exciting new services in addition to the existing ones. Please click on each tab on the left for more details. 

On-Site Consultation and Training

In-Plant HACCP Certification Programs: This is a service to assist with problems on deficiencies, sanitation problems, and product quality standards. A HACCP training workshop may be provided for quality assurance and supervisory personnel for a nominal fee.

In-Plant Food Safety or Sanitation Audit and Training: This consultation for a nominal fee is designed to provide insight and evaluation for plant efficiency improvements, regulatory compliance, and product safety. This may be followed by a comprehensive workshop for plant management and supervisors to develop further food safety measures.


Please contact our office at 706-542-2574 or for more details and to discuss how we can help your business!