Workshops & Trainings

Extension Food Science provides the public and the food industry with workshops and on-site training programs that enable businesses to develop and implement a food safety or HACCP plan tailored to their own operation, minimizing the risk of contamination of their food product by human pathogens.

Upcoming Events
  • Mar 20 - Mar 23 Better Process Control School The Better Process Control School offers instruction which fulfills the FDA and USDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements to certify supervisors of acidification, thermal processing, and container closure evaluation operations during the canning of low-acid or acidified foods. Athens, GA
  • Apr 24 - Apr 26 Developing and Implementing HACCP for the Meat & Poultry Industry This workshop is designed to establish or improve an in-plant HACCP program. It it geared for supervisory-level employees who need to receive HACCP certification. -You MUST register by April 13, 2018. -Cost: $500 - this fee includes workshop materials, lunches, and break refreshments. -Lodging, parking, and evening meals are NOT included. -Please park in the South Campus Parking Deck, which is about a 6 block walk to the Food Science Building; the parking fee is $10/day. Athens, GA
  • May 1 - May 2 Starting a New Food Business in Georgia If you have an interest in starting your own food business or brand, this workshop is the perfect starting point for you!The presentations are designed to provide participants with practical information on producing safe and wholesome food products. Attendees will have the opportunity to have all of their questions answered by food industry experts. Atlanta, GA
  • May 15 - May 17 Preventive Controls for the Fresh-Cut Produce Industry The latest edition of the FSPCA Preventive Controls curriculum caters to the fresh-cut produce industry. This workshop provides PCQI certification. Athens, GA
  • Jun 26 - Jun 28 Preventive Controls for Nut Processors The latest edition of the FSPCA Preventive Controls curriculum and industry-specific activities will prepare attendees to be a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) as required under FSMA. PCQI certification course. Athens, GA
  • Sep 18 - Sep 20 Poultry Processing & Safety Workshop This workshop contains demonstrations and lectures that cover the science of value-added processing and margination of poultry systems and procedures for product development. It also includes ingredient and flavor technology, cooking, packaging, food safety, and troubleshooting. Athens, GA
  • Oct 9 - Oct 11 Certification for Food Safety Professionals Workshop This workshop will cover food safety, sanitation issues, SOPs and SSOPs, personal hygiene, monitoring, verification and validation of HACCP and Preventive Control programs, pathogen control, auditing, trace back and recall plans, and regulatory programs. Athens, GA
  • Nov 6 - Nov 8 Better Process Control School for Acidified Foods This BPCS is geared specifically for acidified foods and canning in glass; it includes a hands-on training lab for proper use of food safety testing equipment, FDA process filing, and GDA regulations. Athens, GA