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May 2018 Better Process Controls School Workshop Attendees

Food-borne Illness Outbreak – a headline that pops up in the news every year. With the proper food safety guidelines and training, these incidents could be reduced or prevented altogether.

Food Science and Technology Extension strives to help the food industry, and we do that through the various workshops we provide throughout the year. These workshops are geared towards training individuals so they might be able to create proper food safety and HACCP plans that are specific to their operation. Our department also offers multiple services, and our personnel work closely with those in the food industry.

Our goal is to provide the public and the food industry with unbiased, research-based food safety education. To see more of what we have to offer, explore the “Workshops & Trainings” and “Our Services” pages.


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Second Salmonella Outbreak of the Summer – Honey Smacks Recall Posted by Victoria Dees on Jun 18, 2018 On June 14, 2018, the Kellogg Company voluntarily recalled one of their cereals. Both the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control contacted the Kellogg Company in regards to reported illnesses they believed were linked to famous company's cereal, Honey Smacks.
Summertime (Salmonella) Sadness: Food Recall Posted by Victoria Dees on Jun 14, 2018 Over the weekend, Caito Foods issued a recall of their fresh cut melon products in response to a recent multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Adelaide.
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