Lawton Stewart, Extension Animal Scientist
Curt Lacy, Extension Livestock Economist
Dennis Hancock, Extension Forage Specialist


The UGA Feed Cost Analyzer is a spreadsheet-based decision aid to compare potential feedstuffs on a price per pound of crude protein and energy (total digestible nutrients; TDN). This program consists of a feed library prepopulated with some common feedstuffs, a least cost feedstuff analyzer, and a feedstuffs replacement calculator. Each page contains step by step directions on how to use this decision aid.

System Requirements

This program was developed to run on Microsoft Excel 2007. Using an earlier version of Excel, or another spreadsheet program, may result in some loss of functionality. Check for software patches that are available from Microsoft's Web site for your version of Windows and Excel. These patches are free upgrades from Microsoft and may be accessed at If using Excel 2007, be sure to check for and download the latest patches; otherwise, graphics might become disorientated when viewing the screens.


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Status and Revision History
Published on Jan 04, 2011
Published with Full Review on Jan 04, 2014
Published with Full Review on Mar 31, 2017

Lawton Stewart Associate Professor and Extension Coordinator, Animal & Dairy Science R. Curt Lacy Extension Economist-Livestock, Agricultural & Applied Economics Dennis Hancock Professor and Extension Agronomist for Forage Crops (Pasture, Hay, and Silage), Crop & Soil Sciences
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