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Recertification Info

Certified Pesticide Applicators must earn a required number of recertification credits every five years or be reexamined. Recertification credits may be earned by attending education meetings approved by the Georgia Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Program. You can search for Pesticide Applicator Re-Certification Courses by type of license (Commercial or Private), license category, or course date. Private applicators must obtain three (3) re-certification credit hours in order to renew the Private Applicator license, only one of which may be from webinar attendance. Commercial applicators must obtain either six (6) or ten (10) recertification credit hours per licensed category (see CEU requirements for commercial and private categories) to renew their Commercial Applicator license.


Scheduled UGA Webinars for GREEN Industry Professionals

(CEUs are authorized; check the GTBOP website for authorized categories including Private Applicators for each webinar's CEUs) Register no earlier than 5 weeks prior to each webinar.

Thursday, September 17, 2020 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM

Weed management in turfgrass

Dr. Patrick McCullough, Dept. of Crop and Soil Science; University of Georgia

Weeds continue to be a major challenge for the turfgrass managers including golf courses, sod farms, and residential and public landscapes. The speaker will update the audience regarding the recent research findings on effective herbicides against various weed species.


Brown marmorated stink bug in urban landscape

Dr. Angel Acebe-Dorias, Dept. of Entomology, University of Georgia

Brown marmorated stink bug is an invasive insect and is causing serious issues in various agricultural systems. In fall, this pest seeks overwintering shelter in man-made structures including houses. The speaker will provide an overview on how to monitor and reduce issues with brown marmorated stink bug invasion in man-made structures including houses based on recent studies.

Thursday, November 12, 2020 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM

Insect pest management in turfgrass

Dr. David Held, Department of Entomology, Auburn University

The speaker will give an overview of major turfgrass pests in the southern US. The biological information of the pests that are related to management will be discussed. The speaker will update listeners on research results from recent insecticide efficacy trials including fall armyworm.


Common disease problems in nursery production

Dr. Fulya Baysal-Gurel, Department of Plant Pathology, Tennessee State University

Several diseases threaten the nursery production in the southern US. Among several disease, boxwood blight emerged as a major problem in nurseries. The speaker will provide an overview of the pathogen’s biology. The recent research and control options to reduce disease incidence will be discussed.

No additional Webinars scheduled for 2020


Watch for 2021 Webinar announcements in December

For more information or to get on our email contact list for upcoming webinars, contact Tami Boyle, Center for Urban Agriculture, University of Georgia Griffin Campus at or call 770-233-6107. CEUs in various Georgia Commercial and Private Pesticide Applicator License categories are available.

Registration: Webinars are $10 (for 2 CEUs) with a sliding scale (price goes down with more attendees registered), and are 7:45 to 10:00 a.m. East Coast time. All that’s needed is a reliable internet connection. Register for an upcoming webinar a few weeks prior to the webinar by going to the Getting the Best of Pests website, clicking on the GREEN BUTTON labeled COMMERCIAL AND PRIVATE, and following the registration instructions. Contact Beth Horne at or call 770-228-7214 with questions regarding the registration process.


How do I renew my pesticide applicator license when it expires?

You must be re-certified to renew your pesticide applicator's license. There are two options you may choose to accomplish this. The first option is that you may take the commercial applicator's exam again to renew your commercial applicator license or, if you have a private applicator license, you may participate in the private applicator training from your County Agent again. The second option is for you to accumulate the required re-certification credit hours during your five-year license period. Please note that all recertification credit hours must be received in the Georgia Department of Agriculture's (GDA) Pesticide Program office at least 90 days prior to the expiration of your license. Private applicators must obtain three (3) recertification credit hours in order to renew the private applicator license and commercial applicators must obtain either six (6) or ten (10) recertification credit hours, depending on which category they are certified in to renew their commercial applicator's license.


What is the best way to find upcoming and approved recertification courses?

GDA's Pesticide Program lists approved Pesticide Applicator Re-Certification Courses in a database that allows you to search for upcoming courses in your licensed category.


How many recertification hours can I get each year by watching video recordings at my county Extension office of previously conducted recertification courses?

You are only allowed credit for one recertification hour each year that uses this method of presentation.


When my license is about to expire and I have completed all my required recertification credit hours, will I have to remember to file for renewal or with GDA remind me?

All licensees who obtain the required recertification credit hours will be mailed a renewal notice approximately 90 days prior to license expiration.


Where can I find out how many recertification credit hours I have and how many I need to obtain by 90 days before my license expires?

GDA's Pesticide Program has a Pesticide Applicator Licensing and Certification web page where you can search by your last name or Certified Applicator number. When the search results appear, click on your name and that will take you to your Pesticide Applicator Profile, which lists your license type, number, expiration date, and certification summary with the total hours you have earned. There is also a table of recertification credit hours required for renewal for each license type and category.

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