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Competitive Teams

Whitfield County 4-H promotes several competitions in the areas of archery, robotics, and judging teams.
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SAFE - Archery

Project SAFE (Shooting Awareness, Fun and Education) provides youth a place to develop a sense of belonging, learn teamwork in a safe environment and increase concentration skills. SAFE is curriculum based and designed to assist young people in personal development, establish a personal environmental ethic and explore life-long vocational and avocational activities. Safety and the responsible use of archery equipment is a primary goal. Well-trained certified adult volunteers lead the Whitfield County 4-H Archery Team.

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FLL Robotics

Students ages 9 to 14 can take part in this robotics competition that engages them in hands-on STEM experiences. A main goal is to help youth gain confidence, grow their knowledge and develop habits of learning. While connecting STEM concepts to real-world examples, students are encouraged to try new ideas and use failures as a diving board to start again.

FIRST® LEGO® League is theme-based and has challenges that require research, problem solving, coding, and engineering. Throughout this process, leaders emphazise the Core Values of discovery, innovation, impact, inclusion, teamwork, and fun!

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Cotton Boll & Consumer Judging

This consumer decision making contest teaches 4-H'ers how to observe, compare and make decisions based on facts collected. It also provides experience in organizing thoughts and defending decisions with oral reasons. In this contest, 4-H'ers learn to evaluate consumer items, rank the articles or products based on standards/quality/needs, and explain why they think one is better than the other.

Juniors (4th- 8th Grade)

  • Judge four classes of items and give oral reasons on one class. 
  • Deliver a commercial promoting cotton: 30 seconds max.  Must have a 14x22 poster (half a sheet of poster paper) to accompany commercial.  Props and costumes may be used.

Seniors (9th- 12th Grade)

  • Judge four classes of items and give oral reason on one class.
  • Deliver an advertisement about cotton: 90 seconds max.  Limited props and costumes may be used.


Forestry Judging

Forestry Field Day is a competitive contest where 4-H'ers learn about one of Georgia's most valuable resources. Participants learn to identify trees, insects and diseases/tree disorders. They also participate in compass and pacing activities and learn how to complete saw timber volume estimations. Forestry Judging provides an opportunity for youth to gain a better appreciation for local forest resources and how they contribute to our economy and quality of life.

Juniors (4th- 8th Grade) will learn

  • Identification of 44 species of trees
  • Identification of 17 forest insects
  • Identification of 14 diseases/disorders
  • Tree Measurement Estimation
  • Pacing

Seniors (9th- 12th Grade) will learn

  • Identification of 70 species of trees
  • Identification of 30 forest insects
  • Identification of 23 diseases/disorders
  • Tree Measurement Estimation
  • Compass and Pacing
  • Forest Site Evaluation Team Event (State Contest Only)


Poultry Judging

A livestock evaluation event that teaches 4-H'ers how to judge live hens, eggs, read-to-cook poultry, and identify poultry parts. In this contest, 4-H'ers learn toevaluate and rank items based on standards and quality, 4-H'ers gain experience in organizing thoughts and defending decisions with oral reasons in preparing and delivering their explanations to the judges.

Juniors (4th- 8th) & Seniors (9th- 12th)

  • Classes A & B -  Live Birds & Reasons
  • Classes C & D - Grade Ready-to-Cook
  • Class E - Knowledge Test
  • Class G - Broken-Out Eggs
  • Class H - Exterior Quality
  • Classes I & J - Candling/Interior Quality
  • Class K - Parts Identification