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Virtual Project Achievement

Congratulations to all of our 1st place winners at 5th Grade 4-H Project Fair! These 4-H'ers had the opportunity to represent Stephens County on the district level at 4-H Cloverleaf District Project Achievement. 4-H District Project Achievement is a district competition where 4-H’ers present their 4-H project (2-3 page report and poster) orally to a group. This year, due to COVID-19 and the safety of all the students the 4-H competition is virtual.


The deadline to submit presentations has passed. All submitted presentations have been sent to our 4-H District Office for judging. The district winners will be announced on Friday, March 26th. Information will be sent out to participants regarding the Virtual 4-H Awards Ceremony, so that you and your 4-H'er can join in for the event on your computer. We realize all the hard work the 4-H’ers have put into their 4-H projects- researching the project area, writing the paper, and creating a poster. Through Virtual Cloverleaf District Project Achievement, the 4-H’ers will present their 4-H projects, and the projects will be judged by 4-H Agents (like myself) and the 4-H’ers will receive district awards for their work.

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