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Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging

The Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging competition is one of Pulaski County 4-H's longest-standing traditions, having seen success at the Area, State, and National levels. Most recently, our Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging team had the honor of representing the state of Georgia at the National Family & Consumer Sciences Classic held at the National Western Roundup in Denver, CO, placing sixth in the nation in the FCS Bowl.

4-H’ers who paricipate learn about cotton as an agriculture commodity in our state as well as to promote cotton through commercials or PSA’s (public service announcements). 4-H’ers gain skills in making rational decisions when purchasing goods and services while maximizing resources. The contest is made up of two competition areas: judging classes and PSA’s /commercials. 4-H’ers are required to judge four classes of consumer items or services. Each class contains four similar items and has an accompanying situation statement. This statement describes a consumer and gives the needs to be considered when he/she makes a decision to purchase the item. Factors influencing these needs may include the person’s age, gender, available money, lifestyles, school or job status, preferences or other requirements that depend on the item given and the individual in the situation.

Critical thinking, financial planning, and public speaking are just a few of the skills attained by competing in Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging. Learning to use good consumer decision making skills at such a young age will certainly benefit youth as they prepare for college and beyond. 

Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging takes place in the fall. Practices usually occur once a week and teams are coached by 4-H Staff. All 7th through 12th graders are invited to particpate.