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2022 Morgan County Lions Club

We welcome all 4-Her's (4th-12th graders) to come and be apart of our Annual Morgan County Lions Club Exhibit Fair. The following are the categories you can enter in to:

I. Explanation of the Categories
           (1) Photography - Submit a photograph (it must be at least 3" X 5", but no larger than 8" X 10")
                 meeting the following specifications:
                      A) The subject of the photo may be anything the 4-H’er wants it to be
                      B) The photograph must be either matted, or framed, or matted and framed
                      C) The photograph must have been taken by the 4-H’er
                      D) The 4-H’er’s (1) name, (2) county, (3) school, and (4) grade must be clearly written on the reverse side of the matting or framing materials
                      E) * ORIGINAL DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE ALLOWED! * (NO digital manipulation)
          (2) Arts and Crafts - This category includes anything that is hand-made by a 4-H’er!
                    Anything that qualifies as a piece of “ART” or a “CRAFT” is an acceptable entry.
          (3) Poster (National 4-H Week Theme)
                   The theme for this year is “Opportunity4All” To enter this contest:
                    A) Use a standard sheet of poster board or foam board to design an attractive, colorful
                         poster which communicates the theme
                    B) The 4-H’er’s (1) name, (2) county, (3) school, and (4) grade must be clearly written
                         on the reverse side of the poster
                    C) * Extra consideration given to posters which incorporate “4-H Clovers” *
          (4) Bake Off - Cloverleaf and Junior 4-H’ers are encouraged to get help from an adult, but the 4-H’er must do most of the work. There are five sub-categories for this contest.      

         They are:
                 (A) Cakes (C) Candy and Treats
                 (B) Cookies (D) Pies
                 (E)Decorated Cakes – Cannot enter both cake categories with same cake (must choose only one category for each entry).

II. Rules for Participation

1. You may enter an exhibit in as many categories as you wish. However, you may only enter one exhibit in each category. For example, you may enter the (1) Photography, (2) Arts & Crafts, (4-A) Bake Off - Cakes, and (4-D) Bake Off – Pies categories, but you may only have one exhibit in each category.

2. Your exhibits must be ready and delivered to your County 4-H Office before 12:00 noon on Monday, October 3, 2022 or they may be delivered directly to the Lions Club Fairgrounds between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. on that same day.

3. Each exhibitor must complete an official Madison Lions Club Fair 4-H Exhibit Entry Form, available from your local 4-H Office. Copies can be made so that one form accompanies each entry.

4. All decisions made by the panel of independent judges will be final. Participants and/or parents are not permitted in judging area during judging.

5. The Lions Club sponsors this contest for our 4-H’ers as a way of displaying their work during the fair. All Fair exhibits can be picked up at your local 4-H Office starting at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 and MUST BE PICKED UP by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 14th, 2022. Unless you make alternate arrangements, your local 4-H Office is not obligated to hold your entries beyond this date/time. Prize money will be awarded within four weeks from the closing of the fair.



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2023 Youth Big Buck Contest

Deadline to enter is January 13, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. All entry forms should be sent to the Morgan County Extension Office at 440 Hancock Street, Madison, GA 30650. If you any questions please contact the Morgan County Extension Office at 706-342-2214
Ages 4th-12th grade can enter the contest. Please know that you do NOT have to be enrolled in the Morgan County 4-H Program to participate.
More information to come!


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