UGA Extension Office

4th-6th Grades

4th-6th Grade Project Achievement

November, 2020; Tifton, GA

Registration Due: TBA

  1. Register - Register online by TBA.
  2. Choose a Topic - Choose a topic something you are passionate about, then fit it into category off the project list.
  3. Prepare a Presentation - Prepare a 4-6 minute speech.  Assistance is available from the 4-H office.
  4. Gather Visual Aids - Create posters and find props that support your presentation and speech.
  5. PRACTICE! - Students must attend at least one practice session at the Extension Office prior to the competition.
  6. Present - 4-H provides transportation to the competition. Parents are welcome.  (Please note that lunch and travel are NOT covered for parents.)

Registration and Practice Sessions

4-Hers who wish to compete at Project Achievement must attend at least one practice and preparation session.  You may attend as many practice sessions as you like.


Project Achievement Resources


Rules & Regulations for Project Achievement

The Georgia 4-H Activity & Awards Guidebook includes all state-wide policies and procedures.  4-H'ers and adults are encouraged to always review the Guidebook prior to an event. Changes are dates and highlighted in green.

The links below take you directly to the Guidebook information for that age group.