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Native Black Bass Initiative

UGA Extension and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources have been collaborating on an effort to study the bass in the Upper Chattahoochee Basin. There is much concern over the potential impact of non native Alabama bass on our native shoal bass and Chattahoochee bass in the rivers and tributaries to Lake Lanier. Over the next few years we plan to sample and monitor genetics and movement in all bass species through a coordinated effort involving community volunteers.

Every week or so when conditions are ideal, we plan to float a section of the river that DNR-WRD can't sample with their traditional/available equipment. We typically float 4-7 mile sections of river using kayaks, with a group of 4-8 anglers. The anglers job is to get the fishes to the livewell as quickly and safely as possible for a period of temporary recovery. Once we have a few fish calmed down and ready to work up, we stop and get the data we need quickly, before returning the fishes to the river unharmed. We'll be looking to fin clip fishes in the Chestattee in 2020, while looking for recaptures in the Chattahoochee.

The fin clip data should reveal the status of each species of bass in the river, and their potential interactions between species. Each fish is weighed, measured, fin clipped, tagged, and photographed for future data analysis. The photos are geotagged, so that we can hopefully track movement and growth throughout the seasons and years. Our goal is to educate everyone about the importance of our native fishes, as well as the importance of protecting the habitat in the river, and in the watershed.

A major facet of the program comes in the form of grant applications for watershed restoration. There are many opportunities to work with local community to restore and enhance watershed protection measures to benefit not only the fishes, but our local drinking water supply. Farmers, homeowners, and businessmen alike all have a vested interest in protecting our waters. In our area, we've found that each group is eager to participate. We've got some great work going in collaboration with UGA Extension, UGA Warnell School, Clemson, Auburn, University of Central Oklahoma, North Georgia Technical College, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Unicoi Outfitters, and the Soque River Watershed Association. We are very thankful for this opportunity. Please like our page to keep up to date on our progress and achievements. We'd love to get you involved anytime. Just send me a pm.

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Upper Chattahoochee Shoal BassShoal bass ready for data collection
Foggy morning on the SoqueFoggy morning on the Soque
Tagged bassTagged bass ready for release
Tag Close-upClose-up of the tags