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Pesticide Applicator Licensing

What license do you need?

Always check the Georgia Department of Agriculture's pesticide website for the most recent rules related to pesticide licensing.

Do you:

  • Apply restricted pesticides on your land, or your employers land, only for agricultural use? You can use a Private Pesticide License.
  • Apply a restricted pesticide to your own or your employer's property for any use other than agricultural? You need a Commercial Applicator License, or you must be supervised by someone with a Commercial Applicator License
  • Charge a fee to apply any type of pesticide, restricted or general, to another person's property? Then you must have a Commercial Applicator License and the business owner (you or another person) must have a Pesticide Contractor License.

Check your record at the Georgia Pesticide Applicator Licensing and Certification Database website to see how many hours you need for certification or recertification.


Recertification Courses

Useful Links

Georgia Pest Management Handbook: Both a commercial and a homeowner version are available at this site. An index is available for each version.

Georgia's Pesticide Safety Education Program promotes the responsible and safe use of pesticides throughout Georgia.

Visit Pesticides Info at the Georgia Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for pesticide applicator licensing, including Pesticide FAQs.

The Commercial and Structural Pest Management Testing System GA allows you to register for pesticide licensing exams and keep track of your progress.

The National Pesticide Information Center provides "objective, science-based information about pesticides and pesticide-related topics" so you can make informed decisions.