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Georgia 4-H offers many contests throughout the year.  Below are the contests which are currently accepting entries.  Please direct questions regarding contests to or

UGA Radon Poster Contest

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. To help increase awareness, each year we promote a Radon Poster Contest. It is open to children ages 9 to 14.  There will be cash prizes and the first place poster will be submitted to the National Radon Poster Contest. All posters are due to your local 4-H Office by November 1, 2019. Top prize is $50!

Radon Poster Contest Rules

  1. Open to 9-14 year olds
  2. Must not have student's name on front
  3. Should include a title on the front
  4. Topic and title must be on the artwork
  5. Must be original, solo artwork to be considered for prizes
  6. Must be 8.5" x 11" in size
  7. Must not use copyrighted characters, product logos, trademarks, or brand names
  8. Have lettering and messages large and readable so the poster can be reproduced
  9. Created with one or more of the following: pencils, crayon, markers, paint, collage, photographs, or computer graphics

Radon Poster Topics

  1. What is radon? 
  2. Where does radon come from? 
  3. How does radon get into our home? 
  4. Radon can cause lung cancer. 
  5. Test your home for radon

Please contact Laurie Murrah-Hanson ( or Katherine Delp ( for an entry form.

Radon Poster Contest