UGA Extension Office

Project Sites


Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

980 Briarcliff Rd., NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

MG Volunteer site since 2010

Master Gardener volunteers assist with many on-site growing activities! Their primary involvement includes the re-establishment of the formal gardens that were originally designed by Frederick Law Omsted and the development of a new woodland nature trail. The nature trail located to the side of the house and pottery shed was once a wildflower garden back in the 1940’s but is now full of mature trees and lots of invasive plants. The goal of both of these re-developments is to offer great outdoor beauty and learning environments for people that come to the site for a variety of activities.



2580 Pine Bluff Drive, Decatur, GA 30033

Close to North DeKalb Mall Area

Our extension master gardener volunteers have partnered with this local neighborhood and their board to develop an attractive shade garden at the entrance area of this wetland/woodland native plant and board walk trail. This project was initiated in 2010 with a site clean-up and the removal of invasive plants. After that, volunteers re-designed the planting area, installed some stone walls to prevent erosion and re-planted the area with native plants. Since that time, master gardeners have labeled plants and maintained it as an educational site!



Columbia Drive Methodist Children’s Home     

500 Columbia Drive, Decatur, GA 30030

(directly across from the Seminary)

Master Gardener Extension Volunteers assisted with the planning, the planting and the management of a newly installed landscape project initiated by Deloitte Industries in 2011. Volunteers continue to assist on the site and are developing it as an educational garden and landscape.


Decatur Recreation Center/Scott Garden

231 Sycamore St., Decatur, GA 30030

This has been an active extension volunteer site since 1995 when Carolyn Krueger first initiated butterfly gardens and got involved in the community garden.  The community garden has small plots available for rental through the City of Decatur and it is located at the back of the property next to the tennis courts. Since about 2004, our volunteers have been actively involved in developing and conducting training classes for the public and the site’s active family gardeners. They also have initiated demonstration gardens for small fruits, native plants and a pollinator/butterfly garden. This was also, one of our earliest compost demonstration areas. Goals for 2016 include: teaching more classes for our active garden participants and developing vertical gardening demonstration areas!


Dunwoody Nature Center

5343 Roberts Drive, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Master Gardener volunteers have been actively involved in the development of this nature center and its educational offerings since 1994. These volunteers assist with native plant gardens (including the bog gardens and water recycling/conservation gardens. They have developed a nature trail with tree identification locations along the trail and they assist with most major educational and fund raising events such as annual native plant sales.

Always more weeding or installations to be done!



Dunwoody Community Garden  at Brook Run Park                    

4770 N. Peachtree Rd., Dunwoody, GA 30338

Brook Run is a 102 acre park run by the City of Dunwoody. The park has several gardening opportunities including: a community garden, the orchard and the greenhouse. The community garden started in 2009 with 60 rentable plots and an area designated to grow food for local shelters. This garden emphasizes organic production, sharing and education! An orchard was added to the site in 2013 when a grant was received from Eddy’s. The orchard includes many types of fruit including: apples, pears, plums, kiwi, etc. Extension and our master gardeners initiated our site efforts by assisting with the planning and development of the orchard. In 2015, another addition was made to the site by adding the educational vegetable demonstrations from the Bannister House to the community garden where they could expand and improve their visibility. These master gardeners moved and re-set up an extensive garden all within a few months. This garden also includes extensive plantings of annual and perennials to encourage butterflies and bees and other pollinators for this growing gardening effort!

Apple Crop June, 2016

Vegetable Gardening Demonstrations


Fernbank Science Center

156 Heaton Park Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Extension master gardener volunteers have assisted at this educational site for a long time and it has been a favorite project site since 1994. It was one of the original compost demonstration sites built to teach people how to build better soil by utilizing materials that were then referred to as ‘Yard Wastes.’ Since about 2014, the whole site has been renovated and moved out front of the building to a more public area. This site now includes: a compost demonstration, a butterfly and pollinator garden, herb beds and extensive native plant areas. There is also a beautiful water feature that was added in 2015 and a greenhouse will be built in 2016.


Georgia State University Perimeter College Botanical Garden

(Now a part of Georgia State University)

Located at: 3251 Panthersville Rd., Decatur, GA 30034

Note: The garden is well hidden at the back of the parking area after you pass the last college building on Panthersville Rd. Look for their new Botanical Garden sign.


This site became a DeKalb Master Gardener Volunteer site in 2016 because it is a great place for volunteers to learn and a great place for them to teach others. The garden was started in 1990 by George Sanko, a retired botanist, who saw a great need to preserve native plants and to educate others about their use. George is the engine that keeps this garden going and growing.

The garden features many natives good for sun and shade and has the largest fern collection in the Southeast! The site offers garden walks, sales of native plants and many gardening classes through the spring and fall months.


Wylde Woods Native Plant Garden & Woodland Trail

A park of the Oakhurst Community Garden

529 Adams Street, Decatur, GA 30030        

This garden has been an active master gardener project site since Sally Wylde first planned and initiated the garden in 1992. In the last several years, volunteers have focused on the development of the woodland trail area and on the renovation of the Peace Garden and surrounding native plant areas. To develop, establish and maintain the woodland trail involves the removal of invasive plant species; re-introduction of natives and then outlining and maintaining the walking trails. Plants are labeled and the site is available for group tours.



880 Gordon Street, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

(behind the Stone Mountain Post Office off West Mountain St.)

This garden was initiated and then re-started by extension volunteers back in 2010-11. It was originally located closer to the downtown Stone Mountain area but it moved to its new location so we could expand and have better access to parking, water, etc. It has been a wonderful partnership between Extension, The City of Stone Mountain, local churches and residents from all over the area. This site has extensive raised garden plots that are available for annual rental through the city. Master Gardeners assist with demonstration areas that include: a wildflower meadow, compost area, herb area and the Plant- A- Row section of the garden. Plant- A- Row areas are worked by everyone and the produce is donated to a local food pantry. Each year our proud gardeners grow and donate between 500-1000 pounds of fresh, healthy produce. Volunteers are also heavily involved in educating each other and our community gardeners about production, maintenance, organic techniques, composting, water conservation and much more!

Teaching other gardeners and sharing information

Herb demo renovation

Working the Plant-A-Row Areas


Stone Mountain Visitor Center (The Red Caboose)

891 Main Street, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

This was one of our original volunteer project sites started in 1994. It was initiated as a compost demonstration area but it has expanded to include: a butterfly garden, a shade garden, container gardens (concrete planters) and seasonal color areas. It is a beautiful spot located close to downtown Stone Mountain and next to The Path Trail which is highly used for walking and running!



5384 Manor Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Located just off Main St., downtown

This popular project was initiated in 1996. Since that time extension master gardener volunteers have re-designed the garden several times and installed a Shakespeare Garden in 2012. Shakespeare Garden includes a combination of ornamentals and herbs to duplicate the ideas promoted in old English gardens. These volunteers have also expanded out to develop a shade garden and a Japanese Garden. We try to label our plants for identification and we provide seasonal educational programs at this location.

 Japanese Garden



4898 La Vista Rd., Tucker, GA 30084

Out front of the Tucker Recreation Center

This beautiful demonstration of a conservation and butterfly garden is located in front of the historic Browning Courthouse and the Tucker Recreation Center. It is a highly visible location and much admired by all who visit or drive by. It was initiated in 2010 partnering with DeKalb County Parks Department and several local civic groups. In the garden you will see nectar plants, host plants, a basking rock and puddling areas. In 2015, the garden was extended further down the road and incorporated many more native plants. Plants are labeled as are the various developmental stages of butterflies. It is a great place for a self-guided tour or to schedule a walk through for your garden group.  

Kid’s Education – Butterfly Festival




4898 La Vista Rd., Tucker, GA 30084

Same site as Tucker Butterfly Garden

This extension of an existing site was started in 2011 to identify native trees and stress their importance to our local environment. Trees are well marked and there is an excellent brochure available so you can do a walking tour. As volunteers continue to develop the site, they are also installing and labeling native shrubs.



1037 Ridge Avenue, Stone Mountain, GA 30083

The Wells Brown House is an 1870’s house located close to the Stone Mountain Village and it is the home of the Stone Mountain Historic Society. Master Gardener volunteers have been involved at this location since 2009 re-developing the landscape plantings and promoting on-site education. This site features landscape planters, a shade garden, a woodland garden and formal plantings in and around the house. In 2016, the lot next door was purchased and plans are in the works for its future use.


Woodlands Garden

920 Scott Blvd., Decatur, GA 30030

This fantastic property was donated by the Morris Family for green space. Our extension volunteers have been involved in this project since about 2006. Volunteers assist with the removal of invasive plants; installation and reclamation of native plants, trail development and maintenance; plant identification and labeling; plant sales and the development and delivery of educational efforts. Educational efforts include: group walks, plant labeling, literature development and the delivery of group presentations. This site is best known for its collection  of native plants and introduced camellias