UGA Extension Office

Master Gardeners


 " Master Gardener training is closed for 2021 and will not start again until 2022, for more information contact at beginning of 2022 year or email"


Master Gardeners

Master Gardener Extension Volunteers are trained every year and veterans receive additional training to keep them current on horticultural issues. These volunteers assist us in all areas of our program and help us handle a large volume of citizen information requests. Demonstration sites on composting, conservation and gardening are available for citizens to visit county-wide.

Master Gardener training is “THE” training for all who are interested in volunteerism and serving our communities. This twenty-two (22) part series is offered once a year, and it provides fifty (50) hours of training for a small fee and your commitment to return fifty hours of volunteer service. The volunteer hours are spent assisting the Extension office with its educational efforts.

Each year we offer this training series between early January and the end of March. However, the application process for these classes closes out in October the year prior to the actual class. Therefore, interested gardeners should inquire about application procedures and deadlines through their local county extension office.

For those interested in the School Master Gardener Program, becoming a Master Gardener, as well as information for our current Veteran Master Gardeners. Check out what our volunteers do on the Master Gardener project sites page.