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Master Composter Class agenda

2019 Master Composter Class Schedule

February 20 - Intro to the Georgia Master Composter Program; Basic Composting by Suki Janssen and Amanda Tedrow

February 27 - Composting Microbiology; Fauna Involved in Composting

March 6 - The Chemistry of Composting; Georgia Soil and Climate

March 13 - Vermicomposting; Cautions of Vermicomposting

March 20 - Compost Problem Solving, Troubleshooting and Curing; Vermicompost Bin Construction

March 23 - Field Trip: Composting Systems Tour (ACC Compost, Community Garden, Dragonfly Farm)

March 27 - Volunteer Opportunities and Project discussion

April 3 - Tips on Teaching; Health and Safety Issues for the Composter; Special Composting Topics

April 10 - Beyond Traditional Composting; Compost Tea

April 13 - back up date for field trip (if needed)

April 17 - Project Presentations

April 24 -  Make up day (if needed)