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The Right Bite Diabetes Cooking School emphasizing the importance of healthy food preparation in the control of diabetes will be offered by the Monroe County Office of the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension. Right Bite will begin April 17 (10:30 AM to 12:30 PM) at the Monroe County Extension Office. Classes will meet 8 times throughout 2024 (1/24, 2/21, 4/17, 5/15, 7/17, 8/21, 10/23, and 11/20). Registration will be on a class-to-class basis. We recommend you attend a minimum of 3 classes throughout the year. Classes will be led by Amanda Harner. Each session will feature a brief presentation on some aspect of nutrition management of diabetes along with the demonstration and sampling of lower calorie, controlled carbohydrate recipes. Each class will cost $12 per participant. This will cover the cost of groceries which the instructor will purchase before class. *Separate registration for each class. *For more information call the Monroe County Extension Office at 478-994-7014.

Participation Details

Email communication will be necessary. Please register with the email address you will be certain to see communication about classes. If you believe you have missed an email communication please contact the Monroe County Office at 478-994-7014