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Our partners at Georgia Grown are committed to fulfilling their mission of helping farms and agribusiness - even during this pandemic.

Listed below are some helpful programs and information.

FREE WEBINAR: Marketing Your Georgia Grown Product Through Ecommerce

Georgia Grown® businesses understand that now, more than ever, they have to reach their customers in new and innovative ways. With limited to no physical contact with customers, expanding online capabilities is crucial to business continuity.

Georgia Grown®, the University of Georgia’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension are hosting an online workshop covering how to market your value-added products online effectively.

3 Topics We’ll Cover:

  • Online eCommerce platforms you can start using today
  • Best practices for social media & email marketing
  • Shipping and packaging suggestions


E-commerce Specialty Food Business Promotion

If you have a good e-commerce specialty food business in your area that is not on this list, please add to the list by completing this form.


Share a Pick-Your-Own Location in Your Community

Georgia Grown is has compiled a list of Pick-Your-Own locations that are open in the Spring and Summer.

If you know of an open pick-your-own location that is not on this list, please email Cheryl Smith.

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