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Publications on Insurance and Risk Management

2 publications were found.

  • Insurance: Necessity or Nuisance? (C 1111)

    If you need a particular type of insurance, it is better to have it even if you never use it. The hard part is knowing the difference between insurance you need and insurance you are better off without. Many people purchase insurance without knowing whether they need it or not. Unless you fully understand insurance, you may be wasting money on insurance products you don't need. Published on Apr 30, 2017.

  • When Your Income Drops Series: Insurance Matters (C 1041-4)

    When times are hard, it is tempting to drop your insurance coverage. This may be OK for some coverage, but not for others. You do not want to put yourself in a worse financial situation than you are already in. Learn about the different types of insurance to help you make the decision about what insurance to keep, reduce, or get rid. Published on Jun 30, 2014.