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Publications on Credit

6 publications were found.

  • Get Smart About Identity Theft (B 1435)

    Your personal identity cannot be taken from you, but your identifying information—your Social Security number and other details about you—certainly can be. If your identifying data is used without your permission for another person's dishonest objectives, you become a victim of an identity theft crime. In this digital age, it is more important than ever to protect yourself from identity theft.

    This publication includes information on how to avoid identity theft, how to request and review your credit report, and what to do if you find suspicious activity on a credit report. Also included is a self diagnosis activity to see if your actions are putting you at risk for identity theft. Published on Jan 30, 2015.

  • How to Get Out of Debt (C 1045)

    Learn about types of credit, how to assess your situation if you are in debt, and how to make power payments to get out of debt fast. Getting out of debt helps financial security and planning for the future. Published on Jun 30, 2014.

  • Starting Your Own Business: Community Resources (C 1046)

    Starting a new business is an exciting and scary time. Georgia’s business sector has an abundance of entrepreneurial spirit, but getting started can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several community resources to assist small business owners. Learn how to get help with creating a business plan, making it legal and financing your business. Published on Jun 30, 2014.

  • Your Good Credit Series: Managing Credit Wisely (C 1043-3)

    Carefully shopping for credit and avoiding credit dangers offer the best defense against credit problems. This publication covers credit dangers, the credit pyramid, and how to ensure you maintain good credit. Published on Jun 30, 2014.

  • Your Good Credit Series: Understanding Your Credit Report (C 1043-1)

    Learn what makes someone credit worthy and the importance of a credit report. This publication covers how to obtain a credit report and how to understand what it contains. Published on Jun 30, 2014.

  • Your Good Credit Series: Understanding Your Credit Score (C 1043-2)

    Learn what a credit score is and why it is important. This publication covers what is considered and average credit score and what factors influence your score. Published on Jun 30, 2014.