Bulletin HDFS-E-157

Edited by Ted G. Futris, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist of the University of Georgia Department of Human Development and Family Science, and Francesca Adler-Baeder, Professor and Extension Specialist of the Auburn University Department of Human Development and Family Studies

With both the demand and the need for broader offerings of Relationship and Marriage Enrichment, a large number of programs have been developed, presenting somewhat of a dilemma for practitioners who are interested in providing effective programming that is research-informed. Based on an extensive review of the research, this model presents key patterns of thinking and behaviors associated with healthy, stable couple relationships that can be taught in an educational setting.

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curricula model

Status and Revision History
Published on Nov 01, 2013
Unpublished/Removed on May 13, 2014
Published with Full Review on Jul 07, 2016

Ted G. Futris Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, Family & Consumer Sciences
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