Dr. Dewey Lee, University of Georgia
Ms. Julia Gaskin, University of Georgia
Dr. Harry Schomberg, Agricultural Research Service
Dr. Gary Hawkins, University of Georgia
Dr. Glen Harris, University of Georgia
Mr. Ronnie Barentine, University of Georgia
Dr. Barbara Bellows, Former UGA AgP2 Specialist

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Status and Revision History
Published on Jun 30, 2008
Published with Minor Revisions on Mar 16, 2011
Published with Full Review on Mar 19, 2014
Published with Full Review on Apr 11, 2017

R. Dewey Lee Extension Agronomist - Feed Grains, Crop & Soil Sciences Gary L. Hawkins Assistant Professor, Crop & Soil Sciences Barbara Bellows Public Service Representative, Biological & Agricultural Engineering Ronnie M. Barentine District Program Development Coordiantor, Southwest District Julia W. Gaskin Sr. Public Service Associate - Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator, Crop & Soil Sciences Glendon H. Harris Professor, Extension Agronomist - Environmental Soil & Fertilizer, Crop & Soil Sciences
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