Native plants are a great choice for Georgia landscapes. They provide food and habitat for native insects, birds, and other creatures and allow the gardeners to support local ecosystems. They are well suited to their native environments and many are quite beautiful. However, they are not super plants! They need to be sited in locations that closely match their native habitat, and the general public often assumes they need little or no care. This publication outlines conditions under which native plants need supplemental water and pest protection. Using the guidelines presented here, gardeners will be able to grow healthy native plants in their landscape.

Status and Revision History
Published on Mar 09, 2018

Bodie V. Pennisi Professor; Areas of Interest: Commercial landscape, Horticulture Ellen M. Bauske Senior Public Service Associate, Plant Pathology S. Kris Braman Department Head and Professor, Entomology James W. Buck Professor - Diseases of soybean, wheat and ornamentals, Plant Pathology
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