Circular 1047-1
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Mold in your home is not only unsightly, it can also cause health problems. If you have mold growing in your home, you may experience allergy-like symptoms, asthma attacks, or other negative health effects. No one wants to live in a home with mold, but unless preventative steps are taken, mold can go from being an unwanted visitor in your home to a permanent resident. Molds are fungi that reproduce by releasing spores into the air. Given the right conditions, the spores settle onto surfaces and begin to grow. They are a natural part of the environment. You can't eliminate them, but you can prevent them from becoming a problem in your home.

Status and Revision History
Published on Dec 16, 2003
Published with Full Review on May 01, 2014
Published with Major Revisions on Mar 09, 2018

Pamela Turner Associate Professor & Extension Housing Specialist, Family & Consumer Sciences
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