Lawton Stewart, Extension Animal Scientist
Dennis W. Hancock, Extension Forage Specialist
Jacob Segers, Extension Animal Scientist
UGA Beef Team


The UGA Basic Balancer is a spreadsheet-based decision aid to formulate basic rations for beef cattle operations. The nutrient requirements used in this program are adapted from guidelines presented in the 2000 National Research Council publication “Nutrient Requirement of Beef Cattle: Seventh Revised Edition: Update 2000." The UGA Basic Balancer program consists of a feed library, least cost feedstuff analyzer, a ration analyzer, and sections to balance rations for brood cows, bulls, heifers, and stockers.

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System Requirements

This program was developed to run on Microsoft Excel 2007. Using an earlier version of Excel or another spreadsheet program may result in some loss of functionality. Check for free software patches that are available from Microsoft's Web site ( for your version of Windows and Excel. If you are already using Excel 2007, be sure to check for and download the latest patches to prevent graphics from becoming distorted when viewing the screens.


NOTE: The UGA Basic Balancer is intended to be a simple ration balancer that addresses energy (TDN) and crude protein (CP) requirements of cattle. This program does not take into consideration other requirements or limitations (for example, micro minerals, fat level, effective fiber, nonstructural carbohydrates, etc.). Before feeding any rations developed in this program, contact your local Extension office to address any potential problem.

Status and Revision History
Published on Sep 17, 2010
Published with Full Review on Sep 11, 2013
Published with Major Revisions on May 12, 2016

Lawton Stewart Associate Professor, Animal & Dairy Science Dennis Hancock Professor and Extension Agronomist for Forage Crops (Pasture, Hay, and Silage), Crop & Soil Sciences Jacob R. Segers Assistant Professor, Animal & Dairy Science
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