Ellen M. Bauske, Karen A. Maqueda, Alfredo D. Martinez-Espinoza

Hispanic workers predominate in Georgia's urban agriculture industry, comprising almost three-fourths of the workforce. Employers must ensure comprehension and safety compliance, address language barriers to create a safe workplace, use physical demonstrations, diagrams, bilingual materials and, if available, an interpreter. This publication covers general precautions, equipment safety, pesticide safety and other information that is necessary for keeping employees safe. It is also available in Spanish.

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Cover of Safety for Hispanic Landscape Workers book

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Status and Revision History
Published on Nov 03, 2008
Published with Full Review on Nov 03, 2011
Published with Full Review on Nov 30, 2014

Ellen M. Bauske Senior Public Service Associate, Plant Pathology Alfredo Martinez Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist-Turfgrass, Small Grains, NonLegume Forages, Plant Pathology
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