Research on improving broiler housing is ongoing. Energy costs are becoming more significant to the grower's bottom line and housing construction, equipment and operation will be paramount in helping to make sure the houses are operated as efficiently as possible. As technology and equipment is redesigned and developed, researchers will continue to examine how broiler housing can be heated, cooled, and built in such a way that modern broilers continue to reach their genetic potential using the most economical and efficient methods.

Status and Revision History
Published on Apr 13, 2005
Published on Feb 09, 2009
In Review on Jan 05, 2010
In Review for Minor Revisions on Jan 05, 2010
Unpublished/Removed on Jul 03, 2012
Published on Oct 01, 2012
Published with Full Review on Sep 22, 2017

Brian D. Fairchild Professor, Poultry Science
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