As tipping fees have risen, interest has increased in finding alternative uses for construction wastes. Many homebuyers are also looking for environmentally sensitive building practices. This includes the recycling and reuse of construction debris rather than disposal. One of the largest waste components in residential construction is gypsum wallboard. In many cases, scrap wallboard can be ground and beneficially applied on the construction site, rather than transported to the landfill.

Status and Revision History
Published on Feb 20, 2003
Published on Feb 20, 2009
Published on May 14, 2009
Published with Full Review on Feb 17, 2012
Published with Full Review on Jan 30, 2017

Julia W. Gaskin Sr. Public Service Associate - Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator, Crop & Soil Sciences Clint Waltz Extension Specialist - Turfgrass, Crop & Soil Sciences
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