Annual Publication 113
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This publication contains a report of research trials done on vegetable crops in Georgia in 2013.

Status and Revision History
Published on Apr 30, 2014

Tim Coolong Associate Professor; Areas of Interest: Vegetables, Horticulture Suzzanne Tate Horticulturist, Horticulture Pingsheng Ji Professor - Vegetable Diseases and Applied Microbiology, Plant Pathology Shavannor M. Smith Associate Professor, Molecular Genetics of Host Plant Resistance, Plant Pathology Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan Associate Professor, Entomology Justin David Lanier County Extension Coordinator, Southwest District Eddie D Beasley County Extension Agent, Southwest District Ronald D. Gitaitis Professor Emeritus: Bacterial Diseases of Vegetables, Plant Pathology David B. Langston Plant Pathologist, Plant Pathology Julia W. Gaskin Sr. Public Service Associate - Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator, Crop & Soil Sciences Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez Professor; Areas of Interest: Vegetables, plasticulture, protected agricultural technologies, Horticulture C Ed Troxell Research Technician III, Horticulture Stanley K. Diffie Agricultural Research Coordinator II, Entomology David G Riley Professor, Entomology Floyd Hunt Sanders Public Service Assistant, Plant Pathology George E. Boyhan Professor; Areas of Interest: Vegetables, Horticulture Elizabeth L. Little Extension Plant Pathologist - landscape, garden, and organic fruit and vegetables, Plant Pathology Esendugue Greg Fonsah Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics Alton N Sparks Professor, Entomology Cliff M Riner VOVRC Coord/Area Onion Agent, Southeast District Michael James Foster Research Professional I, Plant Pathology Ryan McNeill Research Station Superintendent; PhD Graduate Research Assistant, Horticulture
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