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UGA EASY Pan Irrigation Scheduler (B 1201)


The UGA EASY (Evaporation-based Accumulator for Sprinkler-enhanced Yield) Pan Irrigation Scheduler is designed to provide in-field monitoring of crop water needs in humid areas for a fraction of the management time and cost associated with other irrigation scheduling methods. If a farmer is not currently using a more sophisticated irrigation scheduling method, this unit is a simplified, low cost alternative. The UGA EASY Pan Irrigation Scheduler is designed to help you keep track of when your next application is needed, so you can avoid applying too much or too little water. The overall goal is to be more efficient in the use of irrigation water.


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Status and Revision History
Published on Mar 1, 2002
Re-published on Feb 20, 2009
Re-published on May 14, 2009
Reviewed on Feb 16, 2012
Expired on Feb 28, 2015